So, you took your baby for that first dental visit, and he screamed and cried. As a good parent you will probably be thinking, ” maybe I should not bring him back again because it is just too traumatic?”.

Dental visits are one of the top most fearful events for adults, and dentists are not popular in general. You want to protect your child from unpleasant experiences, as his parent, and this is understandable.

When your child goes to the pediatrician for visits he probably cries, especially if he gets a vaccination. As a good parent you realize how important it is for him to see his pediatrician to maintain his good health. Dental care is just as important, particularly preventive visits.

By taking your child to the dentist regularly the early signs of decay can be interrupted, and treated using minimal invasive techniques that are less traumatic for both your child and you.

Although your child may have had a negative reaction to his first dental visit, don’t let this reaction keep you from bringing him back again. By taking him regularly he will become more comfortable with the dental office. You may even be surprised to see his attitude change over a six month period from negative to less negative,and eventually to positive. He may even ask you “when are we going to go back to the dentist”.

By building a relationship with his dentist, you can help your child learn coping skills that he can use throughout his life.

Don’t Let That First Scary Visit Prevent Future Dental Care:

  1. Take your child to the dentist by age one.
  2. Crying and screaming is likely, and can be expected.
  3. Dental preventive care is just as necessary as “well” baby visits.
  4. The dentist has behavioral techniques that can be used to help your child conquer his fears.
  5. Try bringing your young child in for morning appointments when he is more rested.